Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and Professional Therapy for Autism

Autism and the corresponding study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a large and encompassing field. Broadly speaking, autism is referred to by a range of conditions that include challenges with social skills, speech, behavioral repetitions, and even nonverbal communication. While the medical community has taken major steps forward in recent years, there is still a long way to go when it comes to understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today, we are going to explore autism as a condition before delving into the benefits of turning to the best place to seek therapy for autism, Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy.


For most individuals, indicators of autism will become prevalent by the age of three. Developmental delays are different from child to child, though those individuals with autism spectrum disorder may experience signs and symptoms as early as 18 months. According to the Centers for Disease Control, roughly 1 in 59 children in the United States will be directly impacted by autism. To get started treating your child with therapy for autism, you might benefit from knowing some of the most common signs and symptoms. By the age of 6 months, children with autism may present with limited eye contact while limiting overtly warm and engaging expressions of joy. By nine months, a child with autism may present as sharing few smiles, sounds, and facial expressions with the other members of the household. There are many more signs and symptoms of the presence of autism, though diagnosing the disorder at home is not suggested. If you believe that your child is exhibiting signs of autism spectrum disorder, consider signing up for your free screening at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy. The Sunshine Center offers half-hour speech therapy screenings as well as 15-minute free therapy screenings. If you are needing Tulsa autism assistance from a reputable medical professional is only a phone call away.


As we have already touched upon, autism is a disorder with a broad spectrum consisting of many different factors. Autism is typically going to be influenced by some mixture of environmental and genetic conditions. Here at the Sunshine Center, we make it our priority to help parents understand the foundation of autism as well as the benefits of pursuing Tulsa autism therapy. As we have touched upon, being diagnosed with autism is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Autism can present in one individual with varying strengths and weaknesses while another may have few, if any, of the same traits. As a result, it is important that you get personalized care from medical professionals who have been trained to help alleviate the burden that misunderstanding autism can create.


When it comes time to understand autism, we hope that you turn to our team at the Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy. We are a collaborative group of pediatric therapists working together to serve infants, teens, and children throughout the region. We focus all of our energy on addressing pediatric issues so that you may rest easy at night knowing that the most important people in your life are being taken care of. Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy is located off 145th Street in Broken Arrow, OK. Our facility is split into two side-by-side buildings, a 7,800 square foot center for Speech and Occupational Therapy as well as a 7,500 square foot center for Physical Therapy and Behavioral Health.


Here at the Tulsa Sunshine center, we offer an array of services to help parents and children alike to understand their disorder. We work closely with our patients to create a warm and welcoming environment based around knowledge and understanding. If you would like to attend your first appointment, simply fill out the Free Screening form on our official website.