Behavioral Health Therapy | Counseling

Licensed Professional Counseling involves one-on-one or small group interaction to

improve mental health and quality of life. The counseling at the Sunshine Center

consists of a holistic and humanistic approach that involves various methods, including

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), family counseling, and play therapyTherapy

is appropriate for children who exhibit unexpected, disruptive, or even violent behavior.

Such behaviors might include :

  • Apathy toward activities they once loved

  • Sudden drop in grades

  • Frequent outbursts or defiance

  • Any other perceived negative changes

Such behavior often arises from:

  • Difficulty in family relationships

  • Life changes (death, divorce, birth of siblings)

  • Adjustments to new environments

  • Anxiety, and Depression


PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) is a 12-16 week therapy designed to reduce

negative behavior, increase cooperation and attention, and improve family relationships.

Family counseling involves parents and child meeting with a therapist to discuss

problems, feelings, and interactions. Discussions may include advice about life skills,

practice in good communication, and development of plans and goals for improvement.

But listening is a primary goal of therapists in family counseling. 


Play therapy is a child-directed approach where the client gains a sense of control by

being allowed to lead activities in a structured environment. It helps children

understand, identify, and cope with their own feelings, which can lead to improvements

in social skills, self-esteem, and confidence in decision-making. 


Therapists at the Sunshine Center pediatric therapy work mostly with clients under 21 and their families but also do

individual counseling, as determined in collaboration with the therapist.

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