• autism spectrum disorder



Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) provided by a pediatric registered dietitian (RD) can help prevent and manage diseases that impact your child’s health, fitness and overall well-being. MNT includes a complete assessment of your child’s overall nutritional status, medical information and history of dietary habits, followed by a personalized treatment plan. This preventive or disease management nutrition service can:


  • Build a base for good health and wellness

  • Improve food choices and habits for lifelong, optimal health

  • Maintain weight or lose excess pounds

  • Select foods for food allergies or preferences such as vegetarian
    food choices

  • Help reduce complications from diabetes, heart and kidney diseases



Pediatric dietitians focus on the health and nutrition of children.


The health requirements of children are different from those of adults, so the specialization of pediatric dietitians is valuable to anyone in need of a child nutrition expert. In addition to promoting the proper nutrition of healthy children, our pediatric dietitians guide and monitor the eating patterns of children with special needs, obese children, young diabetes patients, premature infants and other children with particular nutritional needs. We often plan menus, counsel families, determine artificial nutritional needs to patients unable to consume food normally, analyze nutritional health and monitor the progress of children on special diets.

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