Sensory Processing Disorder

Where Should I Send My Child For Help With Their Sensory Processing Disorder?

As the time approaches to consider finding speech and language or occupational therapist, Tulsa families should be turning their attention toward the team at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy. Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy is a clinical practice dedicated to assisting infants, children, and teenagers as they deal with speech and language disorders. Many different disorders may fit within this rather large umbrella, so making an early diagnosis is important. In order to attain the most high-quality treatment available, consider visiting the Sunshine Center for a free speech screening to learn more. Before you arrive for your appointment however, let's take a moment to learn how you can benefit from the counseling Tulsa families rely on.


When you attend the Sunshine Center for assistance with a speech and language disorder, there are many outcomes to expect. What has become increasingly clear in recent years is that the existence of a sensory processing disorder does not have to be a life-inhibiting revelation. With affordable and effective counseling, parents and children alike will be able to navigate these turbulent waters toward finding an actionable solution to their issues. Let's briefly highlight what a sensory processing disorder is so that you may understand what to expect during treatment at the Sunshine Center.


A sensory processing disorder is almost a self-explanatory condition. When an individual has trouble handling an influx of information through their senses, a sensory overload may manifest. When a child suffers from a sensory processing disorder, they may be overwhelmed by any individual or multiple grouping of their six senses. Imagine a world where touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound can work together in concert to make your life difficult. As is no doubt obvious, addressing this type of disorder at the earliest possible convenience can lead to long-term benefits.


The primary problem with a sensory processing disorder is that it can be hard to diagnose without the assistance of a medical professional. Like many other speech and language limitations, a sensory processing disorder can make it seem like a child is choosing to misbehave when the truth is the exact opposite. Many hypersensitive children will exhibit signs including the refusal to wear specific clothing textures, the inability to tolerate loud noises or bright lights, and a fear of being touched, even by individuals that the child is close to. If any of the prior characteristics sound familiar, your child may already be dealing with the impact of a sensory processing disorder.


Fortunately, sensory processing disorders can be diagnosed and treated by the medical professionals at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy. They work closely with In-Network and Out-of-Network insurance companies to ensure that every child receives the care and attention that they deserve. Make sure to sign up for a free speech therapy or occupational therapy screening to see if your child would find benefit.