Tulsa's Speech Pathologist Team

The Sunshine Center Has the Speech Pathologist Tulsa Parents Trust.

Communication is the foundation of the human experience. When we can't easily communicate with one another, our lives become more difficult. As a result, it is easy to see why a speech therapist may be beneficial for children dealing with speech and language concerns. From delayed speech to physical disorders that impact language, diagnosing and addressing these areas of concern is our focus at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy. If you believe that your child would benefit from the kind of professional speech pathologist Tulsa residents can count on, you've come to the right place.


Addressing your child's potential communication disorder is a process that is better started sooner rather than later. Speech therapy is the most effective when it is addressed at an early stage in life, thereby allowing the patient to grow up with corrective measures in place to aid in their communication endeavors. Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, are the highly trained and rigorously educated professionals who can assist families find answers to problems that may have otherwise left them frustrated with feelings of hopelessness. There are a variety of benefits that may manifest when approaching Tulsa speech therapy with a serious mindset. Let's take a look at those benefits, below.


The best speech pathologist Tulsa has to offer will provide you and your loved ones with feelings of relief as you journey toward improved communication skills. Speech-language therapy can help to address individuals who suffer from articulation disorders. Through concentrated effort at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy, your speech therapist can help to improve your child's articulation skills through games and other enjoyable approaches. Speech therapy can also help to improve those afflicted with swallowing disorders by implementing physical techniques and exercises. Finally, a professional speech therapist can assist children who have been struggling with a stutter to improve their ability to speak. According to the latest data made available by The Stuttering Foundation, more than 70 million people on the planet are currently dealing with a stuttering disorder.


There are a variety of actionable strategies that your Tulsa speech therapy professional can employ during your child's treatment. Therapists can involve language intervention activities, articulation therapy, oral feeding and motor therapy exercises and more. If you are unsure as to whether your child is right for a speech therapist, a free speech screening may be the logical next step. Here at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy, we make free speech screening evaluations available to prospective patients. During this screening, your child will undergo a hearing exam as well as a specialized speech-language exam measuring speech, understanding, voice quality, and social skills. At the end of the appointment, a passing or failing mark will be ascribed to the child whereupon further treatment can be discussed.


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