Autism Pediatric Therapy

  The Far Ranging Benefits of Pediatric Therapy for Autism 

Autism Spectrum Disorder is known as a developmental disorder that can impact the skills and abilities related to communication and behavior. Autism can present itself in children as young as six months, though many children will go through their life for years without understanding why they are different. For families looking to address their children's potential autism disorder, seeking aid from the most reliable speech therapy Tulsa has to offer can be a great start. Here at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy, we work closely with residents in Tulsa and the surrounding area to offer actionable solutions to improve children's lives. If you are interested in pursuing speech therapy for kids with autism, keep on reading. We will introduce you to the realities of autism spectrum disorder as well as the different ways that our team can help.


First and foremost, autism spectrum disorder is an often misunderstood diagnosis that can leave people feeling frustrated. Autism is a communication disorder that can change how an individual behaves on a moment-to-moment basis. Before autism was recognized as a real medical diagnosis, these individuals were left to fend for themselves in a world that often did not make sense. Why would certain sounds and sensory events impact them so negatively while their peers were unaffected? As is made evident by the name, autism spectrum disorder can be diagnosed at any age with different levels of impact. Some individuals may have significantly reduced symptoms and triggers when compared to others. With that being said, the best speech therapy Tulsa can make a real difference no matter what.


One of the earliest signs of autism spectrum disorder has to do with speech and/or language delays. As a result of this fact, parents may identify their child's potential autism diagnosis as early at six months of age, though it is not uncommon for early signs and symptoms of an autism disorder to be missed. Due to the immediate link between speech and autism, professional speech-language pathologists are among the most important figures in the field. Speech-language pathologists (SPLs) undergo intensive training and certification regiment before they are able to work with patients on their own. Here at the Sunshine Center, all of our SPLs are qualified with a Master's Degree and years of experience working in the field.


The most common signs and symptoms of autism, outside of speech delay, will deal largely with behavioral responses. Individuals with autism may be hypersensitive to their core senses, speech, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Individuals on the autism spectrum may also manifest hyper focused interests and repetitive behaviors. While these traits aren't damaging in a vacuum, their nature can derail an individual's ability to function in day-to-day life. Individuals with autism may struggle at work, in school, or with the development of relationships. As such a broad and far-ranging disorder, looking for professional assistance is important.


When you turn to our team at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy, you are entrusting your loved ones to compassionate and experienced professionals. Our entire staff of clinical speech-language therapists have been certified by ASHA, a certification that requires a Master's Degree in the field of practice as well as a passing national examination. Every SLP on our staff has been licensed to work in Oklahoma, and they are experienced working with the specific disorder that your child requires assistance with.


Attending speech therapy for autism doesn't have to be a scary proposition for family or children. We work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, and effective environment to provide speech therapy for kids in need. In order to see if your child would benefit directly from speech therapy for autism, consider booking your free speech therapy screening today. A free speech screening from our team at Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy can be the most effective first step for a family to take. Let's explore what to expect during your speech therapy screening.


Signing up for a pediatric speech therapy screening will require a legal guardian or parent to be present to sign the appropriate consent forms. Once that is accomplished, the screening will take roughly 20 minutes without any fee or obligation. During the screening, a professional pathologist will observe your child's ability to use and understand language as well as the characteristics of their language skills. After completing the screening checklist, a hearing screening will also be performed. After your screening is complete, you can work with your medical professional to craft a treatment plan to help improve areas that will assist your child throughout their life.