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There is nothing more frustrating for a parent than to see their child suffer. When you have a child who is born with or has acquired a condition preventing their independence, your heart may feel like it is breaking in two. In order to help your child deal with their issues while becoming functional and independent adults, you will want to turn to Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy for assistance. Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy offers occupational therapy services to assist infants, children, and teenagers to overcome their limitations. Let's explore the world of pediatric physical therapy together to see if it is the right fit for your loved one.


Pediatric occupational therapy is a focused field of science that addresses a child's fine motor skills and their corresponding qualities. Motor skills refer to larger activities that your child will need to embrace in order to move and live in an independent way. The reason for their limitations may be genetic or an outcome of circumstance. Regardless of the disorder or condition that is limiting your child, you will want to engage in thorough and comprehensive pediatric therapy to address the issue. Children are not adults and cannot be treated as such. As a result, the physical therapy professionals at Sunshine Center will perform a number of different tasks and exercises to retain your child's interest.


Pediatric occupational therapists will use an array of techniques, games, programs, and specialized equipment to assist their charges throughout the entire process. These special techniques and programs can be adapted for use at home, provided the proper precautions are put into place. In order to take occupational therapy from the clinic to your home, discuss your needs directly with an occupational therapy professional. Throughout the course of the program, your child will work in a rewarding and enjoyable environment toward accomplishing all of the tasks that occupy their day-to-day lives. The goal of an occupational therapist is simple, to help your child form the tools necessary to become independent and happy adults.


The ultimate goal of pediatric occupational therapy at the Sunshine Center is to provide patients with the motor skills that they need to live independently. As you no doubt know, learning how to behave and operate in an independent fashion can promote confidence and happiness within a child. Imagine for a moment how life must be when your peers leave you behind based on your physical inability to keep up. For that reason alone, pediatric physical therapy can be a rewarding experience. In fact, occupational therapy can provide substantial benefits to children who have been diagnosed with a number of disorders. Among the most common disorders leading to an occupational therapy treatment are Autism, Developmental Delays, Physical and Mental Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Sensory Integration.


In order to find out if occupational therapy at the Sunshine Center is right for your family, consider signing up for a free Occupational Therapy Screening. Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy is happy to offer free physical therapy and occupational therapy screening services to all interested parents. A  therapy screening will take roughly fifteen minutes as a professional therapist evaluates your child's specific needs. From range of motion issues to developmental problems, each child is unique and will require a customized solution fit for their specific situation.


Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy is located on Detroit Street in Broken Arrow, OK. With large and modern therapy facilities, your child will be given every opportunity to succeed in a therapeutic program that has been engineered specifically for them.