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  Exploring the Importance of a Professional Speech Pathologist

Speech and language pathology is a field of expertise dedicated to medical experts who are professionals in the field of communication. A speech pathologist will typically work with individuals of all ages, though a pediatric speech pathologist will focus on infants, children, and teenagers. If you are concerned that your child is exhibiting some sort of communication hurdle, such as speech delay, you should consider booking a free screening with Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy, today. If you are interested in exploring tulsa speech therapy services, keep on reading to learn more.


When we discuss speech therapy, we are really discussing the SLPs that work within the field as well as the conditions that they diagnose. Most commonly, these SLPs will focus on issues that may interfere with healthy speech, language, and social community. Other areas of exploration include social communication skills, how the patient's voice sounds, and the fluency by which the patient's speech manifests. When we combine all of these topics of exploration, your Speech Pathologist will be able to come to an informed conclusion regarding the health and language issues that have caused concern. A speech delay, as mentioned above, can quickly be diagnosed and addressed.


Within the field of speech therapy, there are several different disorders that parents may come across. Disorders can be categorized into several different areas including Receptive Disorders, Dysphagia Disorders, Voice Disorders, Fluency Disorders, as well as Speech and Language Disorders. When it comes to diagnosing and properly treating the aforementioned issues, it is better to begin the process earlier rather than later. As children are already at a communication disadvantage, those same children will have even more problems communicating their struggles when a disorder is present. While it may feel compelling to use the internet as a diagnosis resource, the web is no substitute for a thorough examination by a medical professional.


Once a diagnosis has been made, families can work directly with their speech pathologists to create a plan of treatment. This plan of treatment will include many different strategies and techniques that aim to improve the language, speech, and cognitive skills of the child in question. The Sunshine Center works with a number of insurance companies to offer promising care to all those in need.


Sunshine Center Pediatric Therapy offers free screenings for our Speech Therapy services. To reserve your appointment, simply navigate to our official website to fill out the appropriate forms. To book an appointment, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the appropriate consent forms. These screenings will typically last 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, a speech pathologist will work through a checklist detailing the patient's ability to understand, utilize, and produce speech. At the end of the screening, a pass/did-not-ass rating will be assigned whereupon further treatment options will be explored.